Our Vision

This is an exciting time. Largely in response to calls from the bar, law schools across America have begun implementing exciting curricular reforms aimed at teaching today’s law students, not just legal theory, but also how to put that theory into practice. These reforms acknowledge that capable attorneys must constantly bridge the intellectual gap between substance and skill, doctrine and doing. Accordingly, all members of the legal profession — both educators and employers — must collaborate to better prepare today’s law students to master complex legal doctrine, apply it in practical ways, and effectively communicate their analysis to diverse audiences. As legal education enters this brave, new world, it will become increasingly important that meaningful opportunities exist to showcase and discuss the innovative pedagogical approaches that trailblazing educators have already pioneered.

With this in mind, TeachLawBetter.com provides a space dedicated to celebrating experiments in pedagogy and facilitating the free exchange of innovative law teaching ideas. We aim to promote a meaningful dialogue in and among professors, practitioners, and students.  As such, we welcome diverse perspectives regarding the best way to prepare the next generation of attorneys for success in the classroom, courtroom, and beyond. In so doing, we hope to encourage law professors to continuously experiment, innovate, and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our students, our profession, and our world. In other words, to teach law better.


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