All Treats, No Tricks: Law Teaching Ideas for this Halloween

By: Prof. Abigail Perdue

Halloween jack-o-lantern

I LOVE Halloween. Every evening in October, I watch and rewatch Halloween cult classics like Ghostbusters and Hotel Transylvania. I create an eerie graveyard in my front lawn that features a skeleton bursting through the ground and shattering his tombstone into pieces. Pumpkins and gourds of various shapes and sizes line the steps to my home where a giant, black spider waits ready to pounce on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. So, of course, I also relish any opportunity to “spookify” my law school classes. Here are three fun ways: Continue reading “All Treats, No Tricks: Law Teaching Ideas for this Halloween”

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Serve Up a Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt this Thanksgiving

By: Professor Kirsha Weyandt Trychta, West Virginia University College of Law

It’s often difficult to keep law students engaged around the holidays when they’re anxious to spend time with friends and family. Below are a few fun ways to promote student engagement by integrating the holidays into your classes.

If you find yourself over-stuffed this week, I do not recommend trying to sue “Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Mayflower Movers, Pilgrim Pride, Turkey Hill, Black Friday, Corn on the Cob, [or the] Cleveland Indians.” Riches v. Thanksgiving, 2007 WL 4591385 (N.D. Cal 2007). A prisoner who was “offended” by the Thanksgiving holiday tried to do just that, but the court dismissed his claim finding that “[t]o the extent any of these defendants are actual entities that may be sued, they are private organizations that do not act under color of state law, an essential element of a § 1983 action.” And if you want a second helping of prisoner litigation, dish out Professor Abigail Perdue’s suggestion: Karmasu v. Hughes, 654 N.E.2d 179 (Ohio App. 1995) (concerning a prisoner who sued the prison dietician for serving turkey stuffing for Thanksgiving). Continue reading “Serve Up a Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt this Thanksgiving”

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